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What Makes Our Cofferdams Environmentally Friendly?

What Makes Our Cofferdams Environmentally Friendly?

A water filled cofferdam damming water in a canal

When it comes to cofferdam choices, there are so many alternatives out there and you want to make sure that you’re choosing the most eco-friendly one available to you that fits your situation. Sandbags require heavy labor and can easily be torn. Gel-filled bags can also be ruptured, causing the spill of gel materials into the surrounding ground and water. There are other, more permanent, cofferdams available, but they change the outward aesthetics of your home and are not removable once the threat of flooding passes.

When you use a Dam-It Dams cofferdam, you know what you’re getting; a temporary, portable, environmentally-conscientious water-filled barrier. It can be delivered to your work-site or home and set up for use with minimal laborers, it is created to have the dual inner-tubes chambers filled with on-site water, the whole system creates a water-tight seal which prevents leaking, and the actual barrier is created of a geo-textile material that is puncture resistant from any debris that may float into it. Once the danger of flooding has passed, the tubes can then be deflated and the water drained on-site, and after a drying period, the cofferdam and cofferdam system can easily be stored on location, at a different location, or returned from the rental location.

Our cofferdams offered here at Dam-It Dams are a temporary structure that can be laid on site to create a water-tight seal and prevent the onslaught of oncoming water. By using the water that is readily available to you, it’s not required that you bring in foreign bits of nature, as with sandbags. Our structure is temporary, meaning it will not change the outward appearance, thereby making it environmentally friendly. Once removed from the work area, it leaves little to no trace of it’s existence in the wake. Finally, because the water can be drained afterward where it was collected from, instead of needing to be disposed of by a hazmat team, less footprints are left on Mother Nature’s work.

There are numerous reasons to consider Dam-It Dams cofferdams; being Environmentally Friendly is just one reason.

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