Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Michigan Knows Flooding

Michigan Knows Flooding

Living in an area known for their great lakes, Michiganders know a fair amount about flooding, flash floods, and driving through roadways that are overtaken by water run-off. Basements flood, roads flood, ponds and creeks and other bodies of water overflow, grounds become over saturated with water and it has to go somewhere. Usually it’s in our way! During April and May we receive our seasonal heavy rains, and all throughout the winter our snow will melt on warmer days. Michigan knows water and, here at Dam-It Dams, we know water barriers.

There’s plenty we can do to water-proof our homes and basements, but what can we do to help with nature’s effects on our streets and neighborhoods? By installing water barriers, either temporary or permanent, could we help to prevent some of the damage that Mother Nature inflicts on us? The answer is Of Course! First, we start with our homes, though. A nice coat of water-proofing paint on our basement walls and making sure that there is nothing obstructing our sewage drains is a lot easier than surrounding frequently over-filling bodies of water with water diverting or damming equipment, though.

While solutions on a larger scale are researched, please continue to ensure the safety of your household and belongings to prevent the water damage of potential flooding.

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