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Tips for a Successful Dewatering, Diversion, or Damming

Tips for a Successful Dewatering, Diversion, or Damming

Tips for a Successful Dewatering, Diversion, or Damming

In order to ensure the best results from your Dam-It Dam’s portable, light-weight temporary water barrier in any situation, there are some important steps to take to ensure the safety of your crew of workers as well as the efficiency of your equipment.

Step 1: Acquire any permits required to do the type of work you plan to do. This isn’t always a necessity, as one of the best features of this cofferdam is that it’s temporary, but if you intend to dig or change the grounds, this is a major step.

Step 2: Always make sure to have your work site clear of debris. Remove any branches, brush, stonework, etc., to avoid potentially injuring workers or damaging the material of the inflatable dam. While we can boast about the strength of the material that comprises the cofferdam, it’s still a risk you don’t want to run.

Step 3: Make sure you have the right amount of workers for the job as well as the proper equipment. Standing water will require less than moving water. Please refer to this link for a chart that will best inform you of the requirements when using our product:

Cofferdam installation requirements

Step 4: Follow the easy steps of the installation, noting that the inner tubes can be filled with on-site water, which prevents the requirements of importing materials for your project.

Step 5: Proceed with your project knowing that you are safe in trusting the temporary cofferdam system we provide you with.

Step 6: Disassemble the system and release the inner chambers water back onto the site.

Step 7: After drying the materials, you can now store or return the cofferdam and accompanying system.

Step 8: Restore any landscaping you may have had to relocate from the work site in order to restore the natural beauty of the location.

With these steps ensured, you can now have peace of mind that your job has been completed as safely and competently as possible. And of course, if there are any questions on how to get a more in-depth description of how to use our water-inflated temporary cofferdam system, you can refer to the pdf available on our page by checking out the User Manual or you can contact our friendly and helpful staff.

At Dam-It Dam’s, we are happily here to help!

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