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Pipeline Repair With Inflatable Cofferdams

Pipeline Repair With Inflatable Cofferdams

Inflatable cofferdams are among the most versatile and potent dewatering assistance tools for construction companies, crews, and personal property owners. One of the many applications in which an inflatable cofferdam is most helpful is installing and repairing underwater pipelines. With assistance from Dam-It-Dams and their expert teams of dewatering professionals, you can quickly, safely, and efficiently take on your next pipeline repair project.

How Inflatable Cofferdams Help With Pipeline Repair

The inflatable cofferdam excels in many applications, making it the superior dewatering solution compared to other methods. These include the following:

  • Speedy Setup: An inflatable cofferdam can be set up in as little as two hours, taking upwards of six to eight depending upon conditions and the depth of the water. The time to erect an inflatable cofferdam is a fraction of the days or weeks it can take to build steel or earthen barriers.
  • Quick Takedown: Inflatable cofferdams can be taken down just as quickly as they can be set up, and takedown is only limited by the volume of water inside the cofferdam and the availability of crews to store the cofferdam for later use.
  • Superior Safety: So long as the area beneath the cofferdam has been prepped by removing large rocks and creating a smooth surface beneath, it will provide a nearly seamless seal, keeping out upwards of twelve feet of water in depth.
  • Reusability: When you purchase an inflatable cofferdam, you invest in not just one project but any others that may arise. So long as you deploy, take down, and store your inflatable cofferdam, it can be used repeatedly for several years without risk. However, it would help if you always inspected a used cofferdam for damage or signs of stress that can occur between uses.
  • Limited Crew Use: A crew as small as three people can erect a small cofferdam, whereas you only need six to eight to set up the largest inflatable cofferdams offered by Dam-It-Dams, keeping your crew light and costs low.
  • Effectiveness In Several Depths: While inflatable cofferdams have an upper limit of around 12′ in depth, they are not limited by area, and therefore, most pipelines in coastal, lakeside, or river adjacent can be repaired with the assistance of an inflatable cofferdam.
  • Durability: An inflatable cofferdam may look and function like a large and complex balloon; they are nothing if not durable. Made from tear-resistant geotextile material, inflatable cofferdams are rated to be used in high winds and to hold back thousands of pounds of water pressure, protecting your crew and the pipeline they are working on.

Notable Applications Of Cofferdams From Dam-It-Dams

While there are several instances of our dams being used for pipeline repair, there are two that stand out. In late 2013, Lloyd Pedersen of Minnesota Ltd. was tasked with inspecting the efficacy of a pipeline beneath the surface of Meade Lake, which is usually dry but had seen several inches of rainfall. Despite depths of 2′-3′ deep, they needed to remove the water somehow, and that is where an inflatable cofferdam came in handy, saving the day and allowing for several smaller dams to be interlocked together and providing an immediate dewatering solution. Furthermore, in Arcadia Lake in Edmond, OK. Dam-It-Dam’s portable cofferdams spanned an area of 200′ by 80′ with water depth ranging from 3′ to 4′, saving the contractors 60% in labor and transportation fees compared to erecting an earthen dam.

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