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Here are Some Common Construction Applications for Inflatable Cofferdams

Here are Some Common Construction Applications for Inflatable Cofferdams

Inflatable cofferdams are a versatile dewatering tool for construction. Construction of bridges, canals, culverts, and more are all made easier with the addition of an inflatable cofferdam as opposed to traditional methods. Read below to discover the most common construction applications for inflatable cofferdams and how a custom-tailored cofferdam from Dam-It-Dams can elevate your construction ventures.

1) Bridge Construction And Repair

With the aging and deterioration of our nation’s roadways and bridges, there has been a reinvigorated effort to repair road bridges, specifically those in areas where ice and fluctuating temperatures cause significant damage and cracking. An inflatable cofferdam is a perfect solution for bridge repair as, due to its temporary nature, the waters beneath can be blocked for as little as a few hours to several days or weeks until work is finished. There, you can have a safe and dry working environment without the need for overhanging repair equipment or dangerous floating platforms. Afterward, the inflatable cofferdam can be removed in a matter of hours, leaving minimal ecological and river traffic impact.

2) Dredging Operations

Dredging is exclusively underwater excavation, but it can be aided with the assistance of inflatable cofferdams. Whether you need to widen a waterway, deepen a shallow section, or collect sand and sediment for other construction projects, dredging will never stop being an essential part of the construction industry. For safe dredging to be effective, a cofferdam is a must, and there the inflatable cofferdams from Dam-It-Dams come in handy. These temporary structures can reduce and calm waters to an acceptable level where dredging can occur with minimal risk to crewmembers and equipment.

3) Boat Ramp Repairs

Installation and repair of boat ramps require a dry surface to work with, which is next to impossible unless a lakebed chronically dries out. That is where an inflatable cofferdam can come in handy. Thanks to their modular design and several individual cofferdams’ ability to be connected, temporary cofferdams can be shaped to fit an area that perfectly encloses the boat ramp, providing minimal intrusion to the surrounding waters while maintaining a dry place for work.

4) Canal Repairs And Construction

In no scenario do you want the water you will be transporting flowing down a canal while working inside. Canals are dangerous enough when dry, but with flowing waters, it is essentially a death trap. When other dewatering measures fail, an inflatable cofferdam is the solution you need for canal repair. With a quick and easy setup, a temporary cofferdam creates a barrier for just as long as you need and not a moment longer, limiting interruptions of vital water supplies while allowing you a safe and dry space to conduct repairs.

5) Pipeline Installation And Repair

Inflatable cofferdams can be used in waters as shallow as a few inches, all the way up to twelve feet in depth. When working beneath the water table, as you are likely to do when installing or repairing a pipeline, you will want to ensure the chances of flooding are essentially zero.

Other Construction Uses For Inflatable Cofferdams

While we only went over five above, there are several other significant uses for inflatable cofferdams, including:

  • Temporary River Crossings
  • Sewage Treatment Plant Construction And Repair
  • Environmental Protection And Remediation
  • General Water Containment
  • River Diversion
  • Flood And Storm Protection
  • Wetlands Preservation
  • Snow Melt And Cold Weather Protection

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