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Ready For Spring

Ready For Spring

How many of us are ready for the snow and ice to finally be gone? Did I hear a unanimous, “All of us!” shouted at computer screens everywhere?

We look forward to having white Christmases, wearing warm fuzzy clothes, sledding, drinking cocoa by a fire, and taking in the majesty of beautiful fresh snow blanketing the homes and landscape all around us, but then reality sets in when it stays past its welcome. Personally, anything before December 15th and anything after January 10th is past its welcome.

We are rounding the corner, according to the prediction of the well-known groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, who heralds early spring or extended winter. This year, Phil has declared an early spring and after polar vortexes, cold snaps, heaps of snow, heavy rains in warmer areas, and frost quakes, we couldn’t be happier.

Unfortunately, the disappearance of snow and ice means a whole new set of annoyances- mud, sludge, over-filled bodies of water, ground over-saturation, landslides, flood conditions, and thanks to the chill at night, possibly more ice when we awake in the mornings. All of this precedes the known and necessary “spring showers” that help signify that greenery needs to get back to work. Great, even more water!

This has certainly been a harsh and unforgiving winter season, with plenty to be thankful for as it now passes, but try to not forget about the trials ahead of us as the snow becomes even more water. With this in mind, now is the time to prepare for the inevitable… water control!

To keep yourself, loved ones, home, business, and/or property safe with this melt, flood-proofing and preparedness is a must. Design a plan, take preventative measures, and have safety precautions in place this year as winter transitions to spring. It’s better to get an early start on these things than to scramble at the last minute to finalize things. Mother Nature won’t come back later when you’re ready, so best to get a few steps ahead when you can.

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