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Dam-It Dams – not just for home uses

Dam-It Dams – not just for home uses

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With the many uses of a cofferdam system for small home projects, the ease of use for the average handyman, and the affordable purchase or rental options for the average homeowner, it’s easy to forget that this wonderful cofferdam system is perfect for larger commercial and construction projects.

Our goal here at Dam-It Dams, Inc. is to provide varied uses and sizes of our on-site water-filled cofferdams at one low and affordable price for any damming, de-watering, and diverting needed on any site. Your safety is always our first concern, but that means our dependability is also our first concern because if you can’t count on our product, you aren’t feeling safe.

No matter the size of the project, it is vital that your job site be clear and dry to keep things running as quickly and reliably as possible. Our cofferdam system can be counted on for that, and with minimal manpower and labor, to boot!

The size of your project doesn’t matter, because our cofferdams are attachable/expandable, allowing the site to be secured by allowing a portion of the on-site water to evenly fill and inflate the cofferdam to secure a water-tight seal around the perimeter. Please note: the area needs to be cleared of debris, because while the geotextile material is puncture-resistant, it creates a better seal on the site.

Using the actual cofferdam(s) paired with pumps, a hose for suction/discharge, and some tape to secure the hoses, it basically sets itself up! When doing any project, but particularly large construction projects that are time sensitive, this feature is a must.

For further information on how to use our cofferdam system, or the features and requirements, or even just for the usefulness of a Dam-It Dams system, feel free to explore our page or contact our knowledgeable team directly.

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