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Why Safety Is So Important When Using Inflatable Cofferdams For Bridge Projects

Why Safety Is So Important When Using Inflatable Cofferdams For Bridge Projects

There are very few construction projects as dangerous as bridge repair. Because of the nature of bridges, repair crews will typically be working at heights and in hazardous environments when performing repairs. Sadly, a large number of fatalities occur each year when people work on bridges and fail to take the necessary safety precautions.

Bridge repairs in the USA are becoming more and more commonplace. Did you know that four out of every ten bridges in the US are over fifty years old? You may think it would be easier to replace these bridges as opposed to repairing them, but the construction of a bridge is a massive project that costs millions of dollars, or even more. It is much more likely for a failing bridge to be repaired than replaced.

You Cannot Avoid Safety Requirements When Using Inflatable Cofferdams For Bridge Projects

One of the most common requirements for a bridge is to provide access over rivers, canals, lakes and other bodies of water. When repairs are needed, it is most effective if they are made in an area where water has been temporarily diverted. Bridge repairs need to be carried out in areas where water intrusion has been dealt with.

There are several ways in which water diversion can be provided, and these methods must be completely resilient and fail-proof. Should your water diversion solutions fail while construction is still taking place, the consequences can be both devastating and deadly. There is nothing more dangerous when working in such environments than for there to be a sudden onrush of moving water. When this happens, there is the danger of your workers losing their lives. There is also the unthinkable danger of the bridge you are working on collapsing and causing a substantial disaster.

You cannot leave safety to chance when using inflatable cofferdams for bridge projects, which is why such cofferdams need to be purchased from a successful and reputable company.

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