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Why You Shouldn’t Use Sandbags for Flooding

Why You Shouldn’t Use Sandbags for Flooding

One of the traditional ways of dealing with flooding and as an aid to flooding prevention is the use of sandbags. Sandbags are just what they ‘say’ they are – bags that come pre-filled with sand or have to be filled with sand when needed. Although it’s a method of dealing with flooding that has been used countless times, it is by far no longer the most effective solution.

For a start, sandbags can never hope to provide a barrier that cannot be penetrated by water. Sandbags are not a uniform shape, so they can never fit together perfectly. They work by weight – the force of several sandbags placed upon each other causes the sand to spread out and form a wall, however, there will always be a few gaps, no matter how well the sandbags are fitted together. If you are hoping to stop a size-able volume of water, then a sandbag barrier will probably be of no use whatsoever.

Sandbags Come with Many Disadvantages – More Effective Solutions are Available

In addition, a wall of sandbags can be dangerous. No matter how well they are placed, each individual sandbag will move if put under intense pressure. This creates a cascade effect that will shift the ‘sandbags wall’ in the direction that pressure is applied in. Eventually the sandbag wall will topple, which is something that can be very dangerous.

Finally, once used, sandbags are generally useless. While they are in operation water and any other liquids or debris suspended in the water will seep into the sandbags and contaminate them. You cannot simply discard sandbags as well – you must follow strict regulations on how you dispose of them, which often ends up as being costly.

Water Filled Cofferdams are a Much More Effective Solution to Flooding in Every Way Possible

An alternative to sandbags, such as a water inflated cofferdam, is a much more effective one. An inflatable cofferdam is a solid structure that is quick and easy to deploy (much quicker and easier than sandbags), more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly as well. What’s more, a cofferdam does not have to be ‘disposed of’ as it can be stored when not needed, and re-deployed when it is!

For a much more effective way of dealing with flooding and as an aid to flooding prevention, please consider the use of an inflatable cofferdam, as supplied by the team here at Dam-It-Dams. For more information or a free, no-obligation quote, contact us at 1-810-695-1695. You can also contact us online through our contact from located here.

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