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Uses for Water Filled Cofferdams in Construction

Uses for Water Filled Cofferdams in Construction

If you are involved in any type of construction project, you will know that with some jobs, water can be a huge hazard. If you are working near or close to a source of water, you will need to create a dry area. The presence of water can devalue the quality of the work that you do as well as significantly impact construction costs.

A cofferdam is a structure that is used to create dry conditions within work areas that are usually submerged. As cofferdams are normally temporary structures, there is a need for portability and reusability. A water-filled cofferdam provides both those options and is the very best solution to both of them.

Traditional Solutions for Water Intrusion Issues Can Create Problems

Traditional cofferdams are usually constructed as steel barriers or are created by moving natural elements such as earth into place. The construction of a steel barrier is expensive, time-consuming and has a high environmental impact. The use of natural resources is even slower, even more expensive and has even more impact on the environment.

With a water filled cofferdam you receive the perfect solution to water intrusion or dewatering issues. Water filled cofferdams provide the perfect, water-tight barrier that you need to get your construction project underway and give you the best chance of completing it within the promised timeframe. When your construction project has been completed it is simply a case of pumping water out of the cofferdam, rolling it up and removing it. The lasting impact to the environment of a water filled cofferdam is negligible to say the least.

Water Filled Cofferdams in Construction are the Ideal Solution for Problems with Water Intrusion

The most convenient aspect of all when it comes to uses for water filled cofferdams in construction is that the cofferdams are reusable. If you purchase a water filled cofferdam you will be able to use it on construction project after construction project. You could even start to advertise your services as construction specialists in areas where water intrusion is a problem, such as bridges and in lakes or at marinas.

If your company has any use for a water filled cofferdams in construction, then please contact us here at Dam-It-Dams. Our water filled cofferdams are resilient, reliable and environmentally friendly. The bottom line is, they get the job done! To learn more, please contact us at 1-810-695-1695 or use our online quote form.

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