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The Many Benefits of Reusable Cofferdams

The Many Benefits of Reusable Cofferdams

There are options when a contractor or property manager is in need of a solution for dewatering a site. While the specific need or particulars around the job and site may dictate which solution makes the most sense, there is one option that tends to rise above the rest in every situation.

Thanks to portable water filled cofferdams from a supplier like Dam-It-Dams, diverting and damming water—whatever the application—is made easy. Timely delivery, installation, and removal make the entire process as simple as possible, especially when compared to other choices for handling water issues.

Whether being proactive in an area prone to flooding, directing water around a construction site, or cleaning up after a spill, reusable cofferdams continue to prove to be the wise investment.

Put More Money in Your Project With Reusable Cofferdams

Instead of dumping money unnecessarily into a permanent and costly solution for dewatering a site, reusable cofferdams make for a much more economical choice while being just as effective.

Reusable cofferdams provide cost savings because they are an investment that can be used across multiple applications again and again in most any environment. Thanks to the ability to conform to virtually every type of landscape and weather condition, reusable cofferdams pay for themselves when compared to building permanent solutions at each new site.

Reusable Cofferdams – An Economical and Effective Way to Handle Water

Reusable cofferdams are also better for the environment because they neither require installing foreign materials or disturbing the landscape in order to create a barrier using nearby earthen materials. There is no need for permanent construction of a dam when choosing reusable cofferdams.

Rather, reusable cofferdams feature very simple and quick installation through pumping on-site water into the two inner fill tubes. As the cofferdam’s chambers slowly and evenly inflate, a strong barrier is formed that keeps the unwanted water at bay until the cofferdam is drained.

As an easily expandable option, reusable cofferdams can be pieced together from end to end to create a barrier of any length and shape. Another popular option is to pile sandbags; however, reusable cofferdams are superior when compared to sandbags as they are much less labor intensive and even more effective.

For more on how reusable cofferdams can serve as the best solution for your next construction project or other dewatering need, call Dam-It-Dams at 810-695-1695 or get in touch online today!

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