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Using Inflatable Cofferdams for Environmental Remediation

Using Inflatable Cofferdams for Environmental Remediation

The impact of humans upon nature is often detrimental. So that we maintain an environment that is beneficial to nature and therefore one that will sustain the human race for decades to come, it is important that any environmental damage we do be swiftly repaired. This is especially true when it comes to construction projects, where waste and potential hazards can easily pollute the environment.

Therefore, it is important that any company undertaking work that may disturb the local environment takes responsibility for any damage caused and that they take steps to make the necessary repairs. Not only can inflatable cofferdams reduce the environmental impact of construction – especially construction in or around a source of water – they can be used when the times comes for environmental remediation.

What is environmental remediation, and how can inflatable cofferdams help?

If you are unfamiliar with the term remediation, then here is a dictionary definition for you:

  • Remediation (noun): The correction of something bad or defective.

So, it is clear to see that environmental remediation is the correction of anything that has had a negative impact on the local environment. This includes the removal of contaminants from the soil, groundwater, surface water, sediment and others. Not only does this improve the ‘health’ of the damaged area, it also makes the area safe for both nature and human health.

As you may have noticed, two key areas in which environmental remediation is often required are in the groundwater and surface water. In any type of evaluation process that contains water, inflatable cofferdams can be key. In order to remove contaminants from a source of water, that water must first be contained. After it has been contained it will then be filtered so that contaminants are removed. The filtered water can then be returned to the natural environment where it no longer poses a threat due to issues of contamination.

Inflatable cofferdams are ideal for all aspects of environmental remediation

The key aspect of inflatable cofferdams is that they do little or no damage to the local environment themselves, causing minimal disturbance. They are ideal for all aspects of water containment, are quick to deploy and just as quick to remove. If you want a clean and easy way to contain water while you remove contaminants from it, then inflatable cofferdams are the best choice by far.

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