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The Many Innovative Uses of Inflatable Cofferdams

The Many Innovative Uses of Inflatable Cofferdams

While there are those looking for solutions to dewater a project site who already know the many benefits of using inflatable cofferdams, there are still others who remain unaware of the ways in which inflatable cofferdams can be the perfect solution to meet their need.

From planned construction to needing water moved out of the way in a pinch, inflatable cofferdams get the job done in every application.

Inflatable cofferdams offer a nearly immediate and entirely effective solution in times of emergency response. When heavy rains or a broken water main lead to excess water, an inflatable cofferdam features easy installation as a means for redirecting the water.

As a quick fix that gets the job done, an inflatable cofferdam creates the dry area necessary for work to continue as normal so that rising waters do not hinder emergency response efforts.

Dry Construction in a Wet Environment

When construction must take place in or near a large body of water, inflatable cofferdams create the dry space for the job to be done. Damming and diverting water allows workers to complete effective construction or repair of bridges, boat ramps, underwater pipelines, and sewage treatment facilities.

Rather than adding to the time and cost through building an unsightly wall or dealing with the high maintenance of sandbag solutions, an inflatable water barrier provides a much simpler answer. The strong geo-textile material of which inflatable cofferdams are made provides a peace of mind for contractors working in or near water.

Nontraditional Construction and Protection Provided by Inflatable Cofferdams

Other construction that takes advantage of inflatable cofferdams include the installation of canals. Inflatable cofferdams are an effective means of diverting water when an artificial waterway is needed to provide a new means of transportation, trade, or irrigation.

Also, as deposits of sediment and silt need to be removed in order to create a safe path for the passage of ships through a waterway, effective dredging is made possible through the use of inflatable cofferdams as well.

When erosion has created issues for a particular location, cofferdams can be both short-term and long-term solutions in providing for environmental remediation. Cofferdams are also effective in helping preserve wetlands in order to protect these delicate ecosystems.

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