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Choosing the Right Cofferdam Contractor: What to Look For

Choosing the Right Cofferdam Contractor: What to Look For

As a general contractor or construction company, you already understand the importance of choosing the right partners for your projects to ensure the job is done well.

Adding an additional wrinkle, such as working in a submerged site, brings another layer of complexity that might leave many scratching their heads. Fortunately, there are experienced contractors who know how to create a dewatered worksite anywhere and right on time.

When your next job requires dewatering of a space, not just any contractor who claims to be able to help will prove effective in providing the right solution. In order to choose the right contractor for the job, there are a handful of considerations to keep in mind.

Being Efficient in Choosing Cofferdam Contractors

Not all cofferdam solutions are simple and easy. Just a little research will reveal that there are not all that many turnkey solutions. Project managers find that it can be confusing to understand who manufactures cofferdams and who installs cofferdams.

Lining up multiple contractors for both making and placing cofferdams on site gets complicated quickly. Lack of efficiency can wind up costing general contractors and owners more time or money than originally planned when dealing with more contractors than necessary.

Some builders may try to save time and money by attempting to install cofferdams themselves. While this is a noble effort, allowing a specialized provider to handle the entire process generally proves to be the wisest choice.

Different Cofferdams Make for Different Experiences

Once a general contractor or project manager has determined which contractor will deliver the cofferdam solution, there are several other considerations specific to the job at hand. For example, ensuring that the right size cofferdam is in stock at the time it is needed will impact the timeline as well.

Not all cofferdams are created equal either. Some cofferdams make more of an impact on the environment and terrain than others, while more environmentally friendly options will leave the landscape undisturbed.

For more on choosing the right cofferdam for your next project that requires dewatering, call on an expert like our team at Dam-It Dams. With flexible and dependable options such as inflatable cofferdams, we have the experience and resources to solve any job that would benefit from the installation of a cofferdam.

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