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Why Use a Water-Filled Cofferdam?

Why Use a Water-Filled Cofferdam?

There are countless reasons why you might need some type of water intrusion solution. Perhaps you need to work on a construction project involving a bridge or boat ramp. Maybe you are dealing with a flooded area, or you are seeking protection for an area that is in danger of being flooded.

There are plenty of solutions available, but definitely the best solution is likely a water filled cofferdam, as supplied by the team here at Dam-It-Dams. Here are several reasons why:

Water Filled Cofferdams are Easy to Transport, and Easy to Install

Deflated, a cofferdam is relatively light and therefore easy to transport. Once in position, it is simple to inflate as the water that’s already present does all the work for you. Compare this to other methods such as steel, concrete or sandbags. All are difficult to transport, time consuming to construct and tough to remove.

A Water Filled Cofferdam is Adaptable to Many Environments

If you are considering an alternative solution to water intrusion problems, then the solution you decide on is likely to be uniquely configured to that specific environment or need – in short, you cannot use it anywhere else. A cofferdam is versatile and adaptable, and can be configured so it is suitable for use in multiple situations.

A Water Filled Cofferdam Provides the Perfect Watertight Seal

Traditional solutions such as sandbags and steel, aluminum or concrete constructed cofferdams also run the risk of leakage. Metal rusts when in contact with water, concrete cracks and with sandbags you can never be quite sure that your barrier has zero leaks. A water filled cofferdam on the other hand is a single, solid unit. There’s no risk of your Dam-It-Dams water filled cofferdam springing a leak!

For the Important Lack of an Environmental Impact, a Water Filled Cofferdam is Ideal

Water filled cofferdams are environmentally friendly as they are completely reusable. They are kinder to the environment too as they make less impact than the temporary construction of a water damming feature. It’s important that your company is seen as being environmentally aware, so it’s important that you consider the use of a water filled cofferdam for your water intrusion needs.

For all your water filled cofferdam needs, feel free to reach out to Dam-It-Dams. We are the leading provider of water filled cofferdams in Texas, and indeed one of the leading providers of water-filled cofferdams in the whole of the United States. To learn more about our services, please contact us at 1-810-695-1695, or use the online contact form that’s available via our website.

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