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Using a Cofferdam for Pool Repair and Maintenance

Using a Cofferdam for Pool Repair and Maintenance

Large swimming pools – the kind provided at commercial as opposed to residential sites – often develop faults such as cracks in the pool walls. Naturally, it is practically impossible to make repairs to pools while there is still water inside them. This usually means only one thing – that the entire pool has to be drained. If your company has a pool that a couple of hundred people can fit into, then you are looking at a very expensive and time consuming operation.

Here are Dam-It-Dams we have an alternative solution for you – using a cofferdam for pool repair and maintenance.

Why Drain an Entire Pool When You’re Working on Only a Small Section

It is far better to remove water just from the section of your pool that needs to be repaired or is in need of some maintenance. To do this, you simply need to create a barrier so water can be dammed away from the area. This is best done with a cofferdam.

A cofferdam is a temporary structure that can be used to ‘split’ pools into different sections. You then remove the water from the section where your crew will be working. This solution saves you a great amount of time, money and effort, and is a far better resolution than having to drain the entire pool.

For Pool Repair and Maintenance, a Cofferdam is a Far More Effective Solution

There is no doubt about it – the use of a cofferdam is the most effective idea when an area of your pool is in need of a repair or simply needs some maintenance. The type of cofferdams provided by the team here at Dam-It-Dams are simple to install. All you need to do is position your cofferdam correctly, and then inflate it. The beauty of this solution is that the ‘material’ used for inflating your cofferdam – water – is already present!

Not Only is a Cofferdam Easy to Install, it’s Easy to Breakdown as well!

Once the cofferdam has done what you require of it, all you need to do is release the water and remove the barrier!

If you feel the use of a cofferdam while performing pool repair or maintenance will help you, then please contact us here at Dam-It-Dams. We have a wide range of options, so it should be no surprise that we’ll be able to provide the perfect solution for your needs. Why not contact us today – call us at 810-695-1695 or use our online contact form.

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