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Using Cofferdams as Inflatable Flood Barriers

Using Cofferdams as Inflatable Flood Barriers

Whether you live near the coast or in a desert area, flash floods are one of the leading causes of property damage in the United States. Flooding from hurricanes, overflowing dams or levies, and furious snow melt can come with little to no notice and devastate entire communities. When a flood warning is put out by an organization such as the National Weather Service (NWS), your first instinct may be to erect a barrier with sandbags, but that is not the most effective flood barrier in our modern era. Instead, turn your eyes to inflatable cofferdams as a quick, easy, eco-friendly, and more efficient flood barrier.

What Is An Inflatable Cofferdam?

Inflatable cofferdams are barriers made of a geotextile material inflated with water that provide a temporary, portable, and safe protector from flood waters. Typically used in construction, an inflatable cofferdam is a versatile tool that can block waters as shallow as a few inches to over ten feet deep.

What Makes An Inflatable Cofferdam Batter Than Sandbags Or Other Flood Barriers?

  1. Inflatable Cofferdams Are Lightweight Barriers: Until they are inflated with water, an inflatable cofferdam is lighter than sandbags and easier to move around than the cumbersome steel webbing of traditional cofferdam materials, allowing for a quick setup and takedown.
  2. They Have Unsurpassed Durability: Despite appearing like an inflatable tarpaulin, inflatable cofferdams are impermeable water barriers that can withstand thousands of pounds of water without tearing and distributing the weight over the entire length of the cofferdam.
  3. Temporary Cofferdams Have Versatility Built In: They can be installed at nearly any location with minimal setup time and provide a barrier with only a few hours of notice.
  4. They Are Made To Last: if you live in an area where flooding is expected, you will need to break out those sandbags year in and year out, costing you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your property. By using an inflatable cofferdam, you only ever need to purchase one, and then you can sleep easy knowing that no matter the weather forecast, you have a shield to defend yourself.
  5. Inflatable Cofferdams Are The Environmentally Safe Alternative: Despite being filled with sand, sandbags are potential biohazards when saturated with water. The mixture used to create the dense earthen wall of the bag and the exterior bag itself is harmful to the environment and can potentially seep chemicals into groundwater if not used properly. Inflatable cofferdams, on the other hand, provide peerless protection without the worry of destroying the natural environment around where you place them.
  6. Anyone Can Setup Inflatable Cofferdams: With just the help of a friend, just a few people can successfully erect an inflatable cofferdam in just a few hours, with most of the process being passive as the dam takes time to inflate. You don’t have to fuss with finicky building equipment that is required for permanent cofferdams, nor do you need a team of strong-backed individuals to pour blood, sweat, and tears into erecting an earthen barrier. Drop it down where you need, fill it up, stake it down, and watch the inflatable flood barrier protect your home, property, or construction site.

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