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Effective Applications of Inflatable Cofferdams

Effective Applications of Inflatable Cofferdams

Are you new to using a temporary cofferdam and curious how to implement them into your next project? Inflatable cofferdams are an incredibly versatile and durable water intrusion barrier that is second to none for construction, ecological restoration, and flooding protection. Join us below as we explore some example scenarios for real-world applications and some essential advice on making the most of your inflatable cofferdam rental or purchase.

Example Scenarios For Inflatable Cofferdam Uses

  1. Construction Use: While cofferdams can plug up a river or create a temporary barrier, one of the more niche uses is for bridge repair and construction. Underwater bridge construction and restoration can be tricky even under the best of circumstances, and attempting to do so without a protective barrier is foolish at best. Inflatable cofferdams can create a safe and dry working environment, allowing workers to inspect foundations and combat a bridge’s natural decay without worrying about changing tide levels or flooding.
    1. Other construction uses include dredging, pipeline installation, excavation, structure construction over water, flooding control, and many more, which you can find a more exhaustive list of benefits here.
  2. Ecological Restoration: Shoreline restoration is one of many uses for an inflatable cofferdam, despite not being an obvious usage. So how does it work?
    1. Cofferdams protect the shoreline from erosion by stopping breaking waves from crashing into vulnerable shorelines.
    1. Portable cofferdams can create a temporary barrier while water-dwelling plants are transplanted and take root to craft a more stable, natural, and permanent solution to erosion.
    1. Unlike traditional cofferdams, like those constructed by earthworks or steel structures, inflatable barriers have minimal influence on the land and can be removed quickly in severe weather or animal migration.
  3. Flood Protection: Flooding is a significant concern for many in the nation and is only getting worse with rising sea levels and more violent storms on the horizon. Unlike sandbags or concrete-poured barriers, inflatable cofferdams are quick to set up with a minimal crew and can be removed just as fast without leaving behind unsightly structures.

Inflatable Cofferdam Tips From The Pros At Dam-It-Dams

If you have just started using an inflatable cofferdam, here are some tips on how to make the most of this revolutionary equipment and keep your work crews safe:

  • Clear the Area – Clear out the river, lake, or bay bed before inflation. While cofferdams are incredibly durable, debris such as fallen tree limbs and rocks can affect the seal. Be sure to remove any obstructions that can puncture or unseat the cofferdam.
  • Choose the Correct-Sized Cofferdam – Inflatable cofferdams can range in size from a few inches of depth up to blocking over ten feet of flowing water. Always ensure you are using the right sized cofferdam for the job as one that is too small may result in flooding, while more oversized products can fail to fill if the water volume is too low.
  • Obtain Any Necessary Permits – Get the proper permits for the job beforehand. No one wants to wait to start a project, and due to the nature of cofferdams, your city or state may require you to acquire permits before installation. These permits can include:
    • Contamination management
    • Turbidity (how much silt and obstruction is allowed) requirements
    • Right-of-way restrictions
    • Rime restriction permits

Consult a Professional Before Committing to Any Cofferdam Project

Pros, like our team at Dam-It-Dams, can help you get the perfect sized cofferdam and offer advice you can’t find anywhere else. Don’t try and do it yourself when guidance is available for free from those with years of experience in the cofferdam industry. Call us at 810-695-1695 or schedule your free consultation with a cofferdam expert from Dam-It-Dams.

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