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How Water Storage Can Benefit Your Construction Site

How Water Storage Can Benefit Your Construction Site

For most people, water is on tap. You just have to spin your faucet and water comes gushing out. You may think there is no need for temporary water storage as water can easily be replenished, so what is the point of storing it? Why not just let it drain away?

In truth, water doesn’t just arrive at your home ‘by magic’ – there’s an entire system behind it that requires both surveillance and maintenance, and both of those aspects do not come cheap. If you are a construction company that has removed water from an area temporarily, then often it is more cost-effective to store that water and return it, rather than replace it.

A water inflated cofferdam, supplied by Dam-It-Dams, can provide an ideal solution to your temporary water storage needs.

A Few Examples Where Temporary Water Storage Facilities Could Prove Useful:

  • Pool repair

If you are tasked with repairing a pool, then for larger pools (including water park pools) it takes a long time for the pool to be drained, and just as long (if not longer) for the pool to be refilled. It makes a lot more sense (and is much less wasteful) if that water can be temporarily stored then returned once the pool repair has been completed.

  • Irrigation during dry periods

Not all areas have the luxury of having a nearby source of water close by to help with irrigation should an unexpected dry spell occur. As an alternative to the permanent construction of a water silo, consider the use of a water filled cofferdam instead, which can be constructed to the precise dimensions to match any need.

  • Grey Water

Grey water is water that has been through sinks, bathtubs and washing machines, for example. Such water is contaminated by detergents and other factors, so it should not be poured into rivers or streams as it may end up being re-used as tap water. If you are repairing a large-scale plumbing system, then you need somewhere to store the water before it can be disposed of properly. You can use a water inflated cofferdam as a means of storing the water on a temporary basis.

If you would like to learn more about the use of a water-inflated cofferdam for your water storage needs, then please contact us here at Dam-It-Dams. We can be reached by phone at 1-810-695-1695, or you can contact us online or request a free, no-obligation cofferdam quote.

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