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Why Inflatable Cofferdam Rental Makes Sense

Why Inflatable Cofferdam Rental Makes Sense

While every construction and building project is unique, the majority of jobs have similar requirements. However, there are times when a special project requires a specific solution, but not every contractor has the necessary tools at their disposal in order to get the job done.

This is often the case when a jobsite requires de-watering, for which there can be numerous reasons. Some of the more common occasions for this need include the construction or repair of dams, bridges, and docks.

A contractor or site manager has to make a difficult decision when considering a proposal that requires either the diversion of water or the need to create a jobsite where water currently resides. This choice is whether to incur the cost of creating a solution or pass on the job entirely.

Inflatable Cofferdam Rental Makes Previously Cost Prohibitive Jobs Affordable

Thanks to a supplier like Dam-It-Dams, contractors no longer have to make this difficult decision. By providing the option of renting inflatable cofferdams for the entire length of the project, Dam-It-Dams dramatically reduces the cost and makes previously unfeasible jobs possible.

There is no need to purchase inflatable cofferdams or a similar solution without knowing how to store and maintain the materials or if there will even be another need for de-watering anytime soon.

Durable Materials Effective in Any Weather

Choosing to rent inflatable cofferdams also allows for projects to be completed during times of the year that may otherwise see delays. Snowy weather can often bring the need for damming, diverting, or de-watering a site.

When there are days during the winter season that see above freezing temperatures after a large snow fall, melting snow can lead to slushy and flooded conditions where sites were previously dry, especially if the ground is currently oversaturated.

Instead of facing delays due to melting snow or water running over the embankment of a nearby waterway, choose the constant protection of rented inflatable cofferdams. Industrial strength geo-textile materials make for long-lasting solutions that can be reused and even relocated.

Whether being installed in water that is still or water that is moving, choosing Dam-It-Dams for rented inflatable cofferdams takes the worry off of you for how to get the job done. Dam-It-Dams has been providing inflatable cofferdam solutions for decades.

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