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Have a Chemical Spill? Use These Containment Tips to Stay Safe

Have a Chemical Spill? Use These Containment Tips to Stay Safe

Accidents happen.

Despite our best efforts to put safeguards and quality control in place, equipment inevitably fails and human error arises. Sometimes a simple mistake can turn into a disastrous situation—especially when chemicals, oils, or other environmental contaminates are involved.

Whenever a harmful substance makes its ways out of its container, all is not lost, and the level of potential damage typically correlates with the speed at which the material can be contained.

Even when a chemical spill winds up in a nearby waterway that would otherwise carry it even further from the original site, there is a solution that can create effective containment and allow the spill to be remediated quickly.

Effective and Durable Containment Made Possible by Inflatable Cofferdams

Inflatable cofferdams from a supplier like Dam-It-Dams create a powerful seal around any area by conforming to virtually every type of landscape or hard surface.

Not only are inflatable cofferdams used by countless organizations to protect the environment from the effects of chemical spills, but they are extremely environmentally friendly on their own. The same feature that makes inflatable cofferdams incredibly flexible and effective also makes them environmentally conscious.

Thanks to using water onsite to inflate the cofferdams, the need to use earthen materials is avoided and there is much less impact on the surrounding terrain. The water can be reused or released in a non-disruptive manner afterward.

Inflatable cofferdams are also an incredibly affordable option for remediating or preventing hazardous material spills.

Proactive Protection Rather than Reactive Scrambling

For companies and jobs with a higher potential for a chemical spill, installing inflatable cofferdams that remain onsite provide a peace of mind and demonstrate a commitment to protecting surrounding waterways that companies are proud of.

Sometimes, however, chemical spills happen in an unforeseen way. For example, spills are often the result of an accident involving a tanker truck carrying petroleum or other chemicals.

In these cases, inflatable cofferdams are the best solution for containment thanks to the speed at which they can be delivered, installed, and removed. Being available immediately, portable, and temporary makes inflatable cofferdams the ideal solution for containing spills in a pinch, especially at a remote site.

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