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Why Shoreline Restoration is Important During Construction

Why Shoreline Restoration is Important During Construction

People who work in the construction industry should be well aware of the importance of shoreline restoration and maintenance when working close to major sources of water. Any building project that takes place on a shoreline has the potential to cause major disruptions to the local area, including the shoreline itself. It is therefore vital that any such project takes care to cause as little damage as possible, to maintain the shoreline as much as possible, and to restore the shoreline to its previous condition once the construction project has been completed.

A Construction Project Has The Potential To Cause Substantial Damage To Shorelines

One of the main issues caused by a project such as a bridge repair or pipeline construction is an increase in the amount of sediment and other contaminants that enter the water while the project is being undertaken. This form of shoreline erosion can have a major impact, not only on the local environment, but also in countless forms of secondary impacts such as blocking drains and causing health hazards. Over sedimentation can also increase the chances of flooding, and lead to the loss of natural habitats that will over-balance already precarious eco-systems.

A shoreline helps prevent erosion and sedimentation, acting as a natural barrier to prevent sediment from entering water sources. If the shoreline is damaged, then this natural protection is lost, and problems are caused. It is therefore the duty of any construction project to restore a shoreline if damage has been caused.

Shoreline Restoration Can Only Be Successful If A Dry Working Environment Is Constructed First

The most productive way to restore a damaged shoreline is by creating a dry working environment first. Working where water is present is difficult and dangerous. A restoration project has the best chance of being successful and will take the shortest time to complete if the water is removed, temporarily.

One of the easiest ways to create a safe and dry working environment is to use water-inflated cofferdams. These can easily be put into position and inflated using the water that is already present. Once an enclosure has been created, the water can be removed so that the dry environment can be created.

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