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Inflatable Cofferdams for Dredging Projects

Inflatable Cofferdams for Dredging Projects

Sedimentation can become a huge problem, thwarting the preservation of lakes, canals and rivers for example. Although a natural process, it can upset the status quo needed for the safe preservation of natural habitats, and even urban centers. Solutions for sedimentation issues need to be found, and inflatable cofferdams can help with those solutions.

Dredging Is The Most Common Solution To The Issues Of Sedimentation

Debris will always enter bodies of water, and in particular dynamic bodies of water. Sediment consists of sand, silt, foliage, and human-created debris such as the waste from building projects. Over time, this sediment will collect and build up. This reduces the depth of the water and contaminates it too. Unchecked sedimentation can add to flooding risk and even see the courses of water altered, both of which have an impact upon local environments. Excessive sedimentation can also become a hazard to water-born craft, with increased risk of grounding.

Dredging is the usual solution when sedimentation threatens to become a real issue. This involves the removal of sedimentation from the bed of river or lake, for example. Dredging is also used in the construction of waterways, docks and bridges. The depth of the water is increased to allow for the easier passage of boats and ships.

Creating A Dry Environment Is Key In The Success Of Any Dredging Project

While it is possible to undertake a dredging project with water still present, it is far easier, speedier, and more cost-effective to remove the water first. That way, your mechanical apparatus can be deployed in a dry environment and the dredging process can be undertaken in the most effective way possible.

A water-filled, inflatable cofferdam is one of the best ways of creating a dry working environment so your dredging project can continue. The cofferdams can simply be put into place to enclose the working area, and then inflated using the resource that is already present – water. Water can then be removed from the enclosed area to create the dry environment.

If you would like to learn more about the possibility of using inflatable cofferdams for your dredging projects, then please contact the people here at Dam-It-Dams. We have over a decade’s worth of experience in providing inflatable cofferdams for all types of construction, repair and maintenance projects, including dredging. Please feel free to contact us at any time, by phone at 810 695-1695, or online through our contact form.

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