Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

2019 Bomb Cyclone Winter Storm Ulmer

2019 Bomb Cyclone Winter Storm Ulmer

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The effects of the late winter weather, where snow conditions clash with rainy spring conditions, can be felt all over the United States right about now, in the forms of flooding, high winds, tornadoes, land/mudslides, and other weather and location anomalies.

For example, in the Mojave Desert in Nevada, they are experiencing whirlpools swirling in what is supposed to be a dry and hot climate. This level of water is unexpected in this area, to say the least, and the opposing currents in this small body of water create this simple vortex.

Another example can be seen in Nebraska where the Spencer Dam has been breached by rising floodwaters, paired with chunks of local highway U.S. 281, causing an onslaught of unexpected waters to head downstream. The snow-melt and added heavy rains have caused an overflow which gave the water enough force to erode away at the land and asphalt and eventually provide the conditions needed to overpower the strength of the dam wall.

Also in Nebraska, National Guard rescue workers have been deployed in Arlington to airlift trapped survivors from residences overcome with flooding. What began in the area, just a few days ago, as twelve inches of snow began to melt due to the rain falling, is now under five inches. This has caused flood stages when three to five inches of rain ate away at the blanket of snow.

Fremont, Nebraska has been cut off by the floodwaters associated with a levee break in the area, essentially creating an island in certain regions of the town. The town was ordered with mandatory evacuations that were not heeded by some, leaving two missing and one dead after a rescue attempt gone-wrong.

In South Dakota, a walking bridge was washed away by the current of flood water caused by snow-melt and heavy rains.

In Kentucky, a National Weather Service had a near-miss experience with an EF2 tornado that zoomed past.

In Michigan, a total of four tornadoes touched down an EF0 in Shiawassee County, an EF2 in Vernon, an EF0 in Flushing, and an EF0 in Genesee Township) all leaving a path of destruction and devastation in their wakes, particularly in Shiawassee.

With the weather being so sporadic and dangerous, it is best to follow all instructions provided locally.

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