Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Tornado Preparedness

Tornado Preparedness

Tornadoes may not openly seem like an event that should be discussed in relation to cofferdams, but let’s start by noting that most weather anomalies are accompanied by excessive water levels. Think about it- you have raining and storms, hurricanes and flooding, and those are obvious weather situations. However, wildfires, require excesses of water which can be aided by a cofferdam. Then, heavy snowfall, eventually it has to melt, as it melts, it can cause issues of erosion, flooding, landslides, etc. Then there are tornadoes. With tornadoes comes heavy rainfall in addition to extreme winds. What’s more is that Dam-It Dams cares about your safety no matter what the conditions are.

Tornadoes are so very powerful and life-changing that they have their own season between the months of March and June. As we enter this season, it is time to plan out tornado preparedness and get informed.

In the United States, we experience an average of one thousand tornadoes every year, and there have been documented in every US state. Despite this being the case, most homes are not equipped with tornado shelters due to the fact that in many areas, it is not a regular occurrence. If you find yourself facing the trials of a tornado and you also find yourself without a tornado shelter, the best place to seek refuge is under a stable piece of furniture in the basement, particularly in rooms where there are no windows.

If you don’t have a basement, which is also common, locate yourself on the lowest floor of your home or the building you’re in, that is small and centralized without any windows. A hallway, a bathroom inside the tub, or closet is the safest bet, again, avoiding mirrors or glass.

Never try to outrun a tornado if you’re stuck in the situation of being stuck outside. The preferable move is to find a safe location indoors, if possible, staying away from trees, vehicles, or any other large debris.

There’s not much that can be done to tornado-proof your home because of the force. The best proactive offensive you can do is look for the signs, pay attention to sirens, news, and warnings provided by officials and establish your own personal shelter/shelter alternative.

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