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3 Alternatives to Sandbags for Flood Protection

3 Alternatives to Sandbags for Flood Protection

The humble sandbag can have many uses in life, but the majority of people associate sandbags (which are basically, hessian or polypropylene sacks that have been filled with sand) with flood protection.

Sandbags have been used to create a barrier against potential flooding and against actual flood waters for many years. They are effective at what they do but they do come with one problem – once a sandbag has come into contact with flood waters for a period of time it becomes contaminated and then must be disposed of in line with environmental regulations. This renders sandbags into the ‘one time use’ category which is hardly cost-effective. Sandbags are also labor intensive as they have to be filled, carried and then put into place.

Thankfully, there are a few alternatives to sandbags as this article will hopefully explain to you.

Metal Flood Barriers

There are several metal flood barrier systems available on the market today. They can be erected quickly and adapted to provide protection to the areas you need protecting from flooding.

These are useful as a ‘quick fix’ in areas where flooding is a minimum risk. They are not though strong enough to withdraw high levels of water pressure, or flood water levels that are higher than four feet.

Aqua Sacks

These items are sacks that are similar to sandbags except that they contain a patented polymer interior that is super-absorbent. If you need to activate aqua sacks, all you need to do is submerge them in water for around five minutes until they are full. They are lighter than sandbags and easier to handle.

There are a few downsides, though. If you need to use dozens of aqua sacks then it can take a huge amount of time to fill them. They are reusable (unless contaminated) but can take up to two months to dry out.

Water-inflated cofferdams

Water inflated cofferdams are probably the best alternative to sandbags when it comes to flood protection. They are sturdy, quick to deploy and they offer protection against very high volumes of water. They are also convenient, as the very resource needed to inflate them – water – is usually readily available.

They are also completely reusable, making them both extremely cost-effective and very friendly towards the environment, with them being a waste-free solution to the problem of flooding.

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