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Are Inflatable Cofferdams Expensive?

Are Inflatable Cofferdams Expensive?

If you are asking if inflatable cofferdams are expensive, then you are perhaps asking the wrong question. The question you need to be asking is ‘are cofferdams cost-effective?’ – and if you ask that question then the answer is a resounding ‘yes!’

Compare buying a high-end coffee maker against going to Starbucks every day. Okay, so the initially outlay of buying such a coffee maker is much more expensive than buying a cappuccino from Starbucks, but making your own coffee every day will, in the long run, turn out to be much less expensive than the collective costs of a daily journey to your favorite barista.

When Compared to Other Methods of Water Control, Inflatable Cofferdams are the Cheaper Solution

There are two types of water containment needs – one-time need and multiple needs. If you only have a one-time need for water containment, then you are probably going to go down a traditional route. This means using a common solution such as sandbags. Sure, purchasing sandbags is cheap, but when it comes to the labor and effort needed to fill those sandbags, that ‘cheapness’ soon goes out the window.

The cost of sandbags is not over once they have been deployed. Once the need for them is over, they will need to be removed and if – as is likely – they have been contaminated they need to be disposed of in line with environmental regulations.

Compare this to the one-time rental or purchase cost of an inflatable cofferdam. All you pay for is for the rental or the initial purchase, plus the labor involved with setting the cofferdam up, and then returning it once your use for it is over.

Need a Solution for Frequent Water Intrusion Issues? Then an Inflatable Cofferdam will Help!

If you own a construction company, then you may have to deal with water intrusion issues on a frequent basis. If this is the case, then the most cost-effective solution for you will be the purchase of a water-inflated cofferdam. Such cofferdams can be used multiple times and are quick to deploy. They are capable of withstanding intense levels of water pressure, and once used, it is only a matter of cleaning them and placing them in storage, ready for their next use.

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