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3 Reasons Why an Inflatable Cofferdam is Superior to a Traditional Cofferdam

3 Reasons Why an Inflatable Cofferdam is Superior to a Traditional Cofferdam

Here at Dam-it-Dams we are always discussing how inflatable cofferdams are superior to traditional cofferdams. We have given plenty of reasons why this is true, but we thought it high time to put together the definitive list of why this is so. Without further delay, here is that definitive list of why inflatable cofferdams are the best choice when it comes to finding a solution to water intrusion issues and are certainly better than traditional cofferdams.

Reasons Why Inflatable Cofferdams Are Better Than Traditional Cofferdams

Better at Flood Protection

Even if forecast, bad weather can strike at any moment. If your home or your business sits on a flood plain or close to a large body of water, then protection against flooding is important. Inflatable cofferdams are easy to have on hand, and quick to deploy. Installing an inflatable cofferdam is certainly speedier than filling hundreds of sandbags, and then hauling them into place to form an effective protective barrier.

Lower Cost

To be effective, a traditional cofferdam uses a lot of materials. For example, even basic cofferdams use sheet metal within them to create an impenetrable barrier and to make the cofferdam watertight. Not only is sheet metal expensive, but it is also time consuming to use. Concrete or wood-filled barriers are just as expensive, as they usually have to have double walls in order to cement their effectiveness, adding to the cost. An inflatable cofferdam can simply be put in place, and then inflated using the resource that is already readily available – water.

Friendlier to the Environment

If you are involved in a construction project, then you know that you will automatically be having a substantial negative impact on the environment, both locally and in terms of non-sustainable resources. You will not want to add to that disruption with the further disruption associated with the construction of a traditional cofferdam, but if that is your choice, then you will be having a more disruptive effect on the local area. With an inflatable cofferdam you have less to worry about, as such cofferdams have much less of a disruptive impact on the local environment, and because they are reusable they have less of an impact on general environmental concerns.

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