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How Inflatable Cofferdam Rental Can Save You Money

How Inflatable Cofferdam Rental Can Save You Money

There can be little doubt that when it comes to problematic water, an inflatable cofferdam provides the best solution. No matter if you are wanting to dewater a construction site, provide protection against potential flooding or are looking to create a temporary way of containing water, inflatable cofferdams come out on top when compared to all other problematic water solutions, including sandbags.

An inflatable cofferdam may be the best and most effective way of dealing with water where water is where it is not wanted, but the purchase of a cofferdam still involves a sizeable outlay. If your company feels that the purchase of an inflatable cofferdam is currently a little beyond your budget, or if you feel that your cofferdam, once bought, would not be used with sufficient frequency in order to justify the outlay, then there is the perfect solution – you can rent a portable cofferdam one instead.

Inflatable Cofferdams Have Countless Positives Over Alternative Solutions

Some inflatable cofferdam manufacturers will not even guarantee that their cofferdams can be reused after being used just once. That is simply not the case at Dam-It-Dams. The cofferdams manufactured by us have been expressly designed with the multiple use factor firmly in mind. They are made from hugely resilient materials that are capable of withstanding the pressure of enormous volumes of water. As we are aware that ‘wild’ water habitually carries with it large amounts of debris, some of which can be ‘blessed’ with sharp edges, we have made our cofferdams using USA-sourced materials that are incredibly resistant to punctures.

When you need to deploy your cofferdam, you can undertake the deployment yourself or you can do so using the help of the experts at Dam-It-Dams. Deployment is usually a case of placing the cofferdam where it needs to be and then pumping water into it. Once fully inflated, the cofferdam provides a firm, impenetrable barrier.

Save Even More Money With the Purchase of Inflatable Cofferdams from Dam-It-Dams

If you are impressed by your one-time use of an inflatable cofferdam from Dam-It-Dams, then you may consider the purchase of your own cofferdam to save you even more money over the long term. We here at Dam-It-Dams are here to help with advice, and to put our decades’ worth of experience to your use. Contact us at 810-695-1695 or use the online contact form that is available on our website to receive a free cofferdam quote.

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