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Pool Maintenance Made Easy with Inflatable Cofferdams

Pool Maintenance Made Easy with Inflatable Cofferdams

Realizing that there is a tear in the liner is a sinking feeling for homeowners and community pool managers. Structural damage to any pool means figuring out how to navigate underwater repairs and less time to enjoy everyone’s favorite summertime amenity.

Sometimes issues arise due to a lack of maintenance, such as not properly cleaning or winterizing a pool during the offseason, however, other times damage is simply due to age. Every pool will eventually require some kind of repair to its sides or floor.

Fortunately for those responsible for its repair, there is a solution that eases the burden of pool repair and maintenance.

Skip the Pain of the Drain

Most owners assume that fixing damage or performing routine maintenance to an area of the pool that is underwater demands the annoying, time-consuming, and costly process of draining the entire pool.

The good news is there’s a way for repairs and maintenance to be completed while leaving most of the water right where it belongs. An inflatable cofferdam from a supplier like Dam-It-Dams means no more draining.

While better known for construction applications or flood control, inflatable cofferdams are also used to speed up pool repairs. Inflatable cofferdams are easily maneuverable, which makes placing them within any pool or large water feature strategically an effective way to create dry areas of any size.

This flexibility makes inflatable cofferdams the perfect solution for any pool repair or maintenance requiring displacement of the existing water.

Use Existing Resources with Inflatable Cofferdams for Pool Repair

It may sound funny at first, but inflatable cofferdams use water from onsite in order to keep water at bay. The inflatable cofferdams are filled with water, which allows for using an existing resource that can be replaced when the job is finished and the cofferdams are no longer needed.

The speed at which inflatable cofferdams can be delivered, installed, and removed is just another reason pool repair contractors appreciate the ability of cofferdams to get the job done quickly.

The next time you are in need of simple pool repair and maintenance for which you would have previously needed to drain the pool, why not consider an affordable alternative like inflatable cofferdams?

Inflatable cofferdams are expandable and incredibly durable thanks to the industrial strength geo-textile materials that withstand tremendous water pressure to create a dry space. Call Dam-It-Dams at 810-695-1695 to learn more or request a free quote online today!

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