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How to Protect Your Business from a Hurricane

How to Protect Your Business from a Hurricane

You may think that your business is safe from the chance of being struck by any kind of natural disaster, such as a hurricane, flash flood or even an earthquake. If that is your attitude, then you are taking a risk that perhaps you ought not to be taking. According to the National Federation of Independent Business as many as three out of every ten small businesses in the United States have been adversely affected by a natural disaster.

You do not have to pay excessive insurance payments in order the negate the financial impact a natural disaster may have on your business. There is a much cheaper alternative, and that alternative is simply to be prepared. A disaster plan you have drawn up shows you are taking seriously the risk a natural event such as a hurricane poses to your business.

Planning For The Worst Is An Effective Strategy When It Comes To Hurricane Protection

Most businesses that suffer damage from a hurricane are damaged not by the hurricane itself, but the storm’s aftermath. Hurricanes form offshore in the Atlantic Ocean and usually do not touch the land. However, even when the ‘eye of the storm’ has abated (and often, hours before the hurricane has reached its most intense level) the eastern coast of the United States is battered by intense rainstorms. The amount of water deposited during an intense rainstorm causes natural sources of water to swell, which in turn leads to flooding. It is flooding that is the number one cause of damage to small businesses while a hurricane is raging.

Water filled cofferdams offer some of the best protection possible against the kind of flooding associated with hurricanes. They can be deployed quickly and effectively and are sturdy enough to keep flood waters at bay, thus protecting your business. They are a sound investment and could save your business far in excess of their purchase or rental price in monetary terms.

Other Preparations Will Help Your Small Business Survive When A Hurricane Strikes

Of course, it is not just water that’s a problem when there’s a hurricane – there are the high winds too. Damage via wind is usually caused by debris that has been picked up by the wind and accelerated to damaging speeds. You can further protect your business property by installing hurricane proof shutters. Also, if a hurricane is forecast, remove any loose or loosely-fixed items from the exterior of your building, such as signage and unsecured items of equipment.

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