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The Importance of Properly Dewatering a Construction Site

The Importance of Properly Dewatering a Construction Site

There are several types of construction project that may be situated close to or actually within a body of water. For example, your company may have been tasked with repairing a bridge, or installing pipes or electrical cables in a river or lake. In either situation you will need to dewater the area so that construction can go ahead as effectively and as safely as possible.

Why Construction Without Dewatering is Dangerous and not Ideal

Water is a very powerful and obstinate aspect of nature. If you’ve ever watched someone fall from height on TV and land ‘safely’ in water then they’re denying physics – when you hit water at speed it’s as hard as hitting concrete! Water is especially hazardous around construction as it can hinder your workers and – if they are using electrical equipment – has the potential to be deadly.

There are compounding effects too that are not readily available. If you disturb the natural flow of water it may divert, creating runoff problems that can cause erosion issues that may make the ground you are working upon insecure. You could also cause unintentional damage to the local ecosystem.

You can prevent these issues by damming water as opposed to diverting it. The ideal solution for your dewatering needs is a water filled cofferdam, as supplied by Dam-It-Dams.

Why a Water Filled Cofferdam is the Ideal Solution for Your Dewatering Needs

You may, in the past, have used traditional dewatering solutions such as the temporary construction of steel or concrete barriers. For your next construction project though, you could consider the alternative of a water filled cofferdam.

Water filled cofferdams are easy to install and easy to inflate as the resource used for inflation – water – is already present! A water filled cofferdam provides an effective solution too – as it is an ‘all-in-one’ structure it is much less likely to fail than a steel or concrete barrier which will have multiple points of potential failure. A water filled cofferdam is also reusable unlike any type of temporary structure, which is ideal if your construction projects typically call for the need to dewater the site.

If your construction project requires for the site to be dewatered, then you need to contact Dam-It-Dams. We can provide the perfect dewatering solution for you, thanks to our cost-effective and environmentally-friendly water filled cofferdams. To get in touch with our team, just contact us by phone at 810-695-1695, or using our online contact form available here.

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