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Cofferdams : Deciding Between Rental and Purchase

Cofferdams : Deciding Between Rental and Purchase

When the time comes that you know you are in need of a Dam-It Dams cofferdam system as a solution for de-watering, damming, and/or water diversion, it then comes down to the decision of “Do you need to rent this product or own this product?” Being a business, you’d think that we were interested in the return business of rentals, but in all honesty, we care about the environment and we care about you. We want you to choose the option that best suits your needs and keeps you and yours safe unsafe weather conditions or construction needs.

There are certainly advantages to both alternatives, but when deciding between these two options, the biggest factor should never be in regards to just the cost, but to the frequency of the need of such an innovative solution.

If you are in the construction sector or if you’re a home owner/business owner looking to safeguard your property from possibly perilous weather, sure, it makes plenty of sense to own a cofferdam system. But what if you live in an area of heavy and frequent flooding, be it from snow melt, heavy rains, or frequent hurricanes, you may also find it more cost-efficient in the long run to have possession of a cofferdam system. Having to rent as frequently as once a year, those costs tend to add up quickly.

In situations where poor weather conditions or the need for de-watering, damming, or diversion of water is not pertinent to your line of work, you can count yourself lucky, but also, this may be the sort of situation when renting a cofferdam and its system in times of need is more appropriate.

We at Dam-It Dams want to provide you with the best possible products in your time of need and as many options as possible for getting access to these products. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding how we can help you!

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