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What Are Cofferdams Used For Most Frequently?

What Are Cofferdams Used For Most Frequently?

Flood Protection (for residential or business)

The use of cofferdams for flood protection and prevention is no new thing. When it comes to flooding, you can easily use our water-inflatable cofferdam in order to prevent the oncoming rising water levels from invading the structure of your home or business.

Bridge Repair and Construction

The crumbling infrastructure of our bridges and roads has led to an increase in necessary repairs and replacements. When water control is a primary concern, cofferdams are the ideal solution for diverting water from an area to provide a safe work environment for a project to proceed.

Concrete Repair

Canals and culverts (submerged concrete structures), as well as roadways, can all be discouraging tasks to undertake when water stands in the way. A cofferdam provided by Dam-It Dams could be just the answer to divert or dewater the area, making it safer and easier for the work site and crew.

Boat Ramp Repair

As is normal in most construction projects, installation or repair of boat ramps and docks requires a dry environment for the project to proceed in a timely and efficient manner. Our company offers a wide range of flexible cofferdams to meet the needs of any project.

Pipeline Construction

Pipeline construction and inspections require a dry area surrounding the site in order to ensure the safety of workers. Having a Dam-It Dams water-inflated cofferdam allows the water surrounding the pipeline site to be of use for the project by using the on-site water to dam the area and provide a safe level of dryness.

Shoreline Restoration (Dredging)

Dredging is the act of underwater excavation to gather sediment or sand for beaches that have suffered erosion. It also allows waterway widening, which is sometimes needed for navigation. In order to get to the submerged earth, the surrounding water will need to be safely held back. This is where Dam-It Dams comes in.

Pool Maintenance (residental and water park)

A cofferdam provides safe conditions for the process of pool or water park maintenance without having to close down the attraction. The cofferdam system provided by Dam-It Dams can restrict water to one side of the structure while repairs or further construction moves forward.

River Diversion

Creating a dry work site along a riverbank does not always require damming; oftentimes diversion using a cofferdam while the project is underway is the best solution. Dam-It Dams cofferdams are used to raise water levels to safely redirect the water to an approved location.

These are only some of the more conventional uses for cofferdam systems!

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