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Control Hazardous Material Spills with Inflatable Cofferdams

Control Hazardous Material Spills with Inflatable Cofferdams

Look down upon the Earth from above and you’ll notice one thing more than anything else – it is covered in water. There is water everywhere – oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, streams and even our domestic water supply. In most ways this is essential for us as humans to survive but in one way it is not such great news.

When a hazardous material spill occurs in or close to a water source, then that spill is going to spread and spread quickly. Water is usually fast-flowing (except in lakes of course), so if a hazardous material spill occurs then the hazardous material has the potential to spread at speeds at which it becomes difficult to contain. There then is always the potential for the hazardous material to reach the domestic water supply or create some other type of natural disaster or emergency.

To contain or control a hazardous material spill you need to stop the material spreading via sources of water, and that requires damming. One of the most effective ways of creating a dam at speed is with the use of an inflatable cofferdam.

Be Prepared for Hazardous Material Spills with Inflatable Cofferdams

If your company uses hazardous materials close to sources of water, then preparation is key. No matter the depth of the precautions that you take, there’s always the chance that something unseen may go amiss. A speedy reaction to a problem is key to containing that problem before it becomes a health hazard or causes other environmental problems.

An inflatable cofferdam is the ideal precaution for dealing with the threat of hazardous material spills reaching main sources of water. An inflatable cofferdam as provided by the team here at Dam-It-Dams can be installed quickly and efficiently – much more quickly and efficiently than more traditional emergency damming and flood prevention solutions such as sandbags.

What’s more, an inflatable cofferdam is never a one-time solution. Inflatable cofferdams can be reused once cleaned and made safe, unlike sandbags which will of course become contaminated and will need to be disposed of.

For the Most Effective Solution to the Potential Spread of Hazardous Materials, Contact Dam-It-Dams

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