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What’s the Difference Between a Caisson and a Cofferdam?

What’s the Difference Between a Caisson and a Cofferdam?

There are many solutions you, as a company, may adopt when it comes to water intrusion issues. If you have water where it’s a hinderance or has the potential to be a hinderance, then you need to remove the water and create a barrier so that it has no easy route to return.

Two of the most popular solutions include a caisson or a cofferdam, but what are the differences between them, and which is the most effective?

Dam-It-Dams Explains the Differences Between a Caisson and a Cofferdam

Many people in construction think that a caisson and a cofferdam are the same thing, but that is simply not the case. A caisson is typically a box-like structure that is permanently fixed within a water table. Caissons are often made from timber, steel or concrete. Timber and steel caissons are usually filled with concrete in order to make them sturdier. They are usually custom structures specifically designed for the construction (for example) project that they will be used in tandem with.

A cofferdam is also a temporary structure that is designed to divert water away from areas where it is a hinderance. Some cofferdams are – just like caissons – filled with concrete or rock to add to their sturdiness. Modern, inflatable cofferdams though are placed where they need to be and then pumps are used to inflate them, usually with water.

Which is the Winner – a Caisson or a Cofferdam?

Not all construction projects are the same, but when it comes to choosing a caisson or a cofferdam, there is very little to choose between them. However, there is one clear winner when it comes to dewatering, and that’s the inflatable cofferdam.

An inflatable cofferdam’s best aspect is its reusability. If your company is often tasked with projects that involve the removal of water from where it is not needed, then having a ready-made solution on hand will save you both time and money. Water inflated cofferdams are not only cost effective, they are environmentally friendly too and very easy to install.

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