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Water Management with Inflatable Cofferdams

Water Management with Inflatable Cofferdams

An inflatable cofferdam is a water-inflated barrier that can be used for many types of water management – water diversion, flood protection and water storage to name but three. The reliable internal structure within an inflatable cofferdam is inflated by water that is usually already available on site to create a barrier that’s sturdy enough to withdrawn extreme levels of water pressure.

Below are listed a few ways in which water management with inflatable cofferdams is so easy to achieve.

Dewatering For Construction

Dewatering is the biggest problem for constructions projects that are located in or close to a source of water. To create a safe and dry environment for work crews, a barrier must be constructed, and the water removed. This in effect becomes a mini construction project in itself.

Not with an inflatable cofferdam. Such cofferdams can be deployed quickly and easily, and the water needed to inflate them is often already on site! Once the work is done, the process of removing them is just as simple.

Protection Against Flooding

Flooding can have devastating consequences to homes and businesses hit by a sudden rise in water levels. Cherished items, stock and equipment and even lives can be put at risk. If a flood is predicted or if you live or your business is located in an area that is prone to flooding then you need to be proactive.

An inflatable cofferdam is a valuable tool when it comes to flooding protection. It can be deployed quickly and provides an effective barrier against rising flood waters.

Water Storage Solutions

If you need to store a large volume of water, then you can use an inflatable cofferdam as a temporary or semi-permanent water storage facility. No matter the volume of water that you need to store, several cofferdams can be combined via our connection collar system in order to create a strong and sturdy enclosure,

Once your need for them is over, your cofferdams can easily be removed with very little lasting impact on the local environment.

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