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How are Inflatable Cofferdams Commonly Used?

How are Inflatable Cofferdams Commonly Used?

A cofferdam is a watertight structure that has been specifically designed to aid construction projects in areas where water needs to be removed, usually temporarily. If water is not removed then construction is difficult, and workers may be exposed to multiple hazards.

Here are some examples of how inflatable cofferdams are commonly used, and how they can be of benefit over other, more traditional, yet less effective solutions.


Construction is a difficult enough process in itself without encountering the hazards that water intrusion can bring. Some construction projects, such as bridge construction and repair, simply cannot be done without the remove of water from the site. Inflatable cofferdams offer all kinds of advantages over other methods such as barrier construction and removal or sandbags, being easy to transport, easy to install and completely reusable.

Extreme Weather and Flooding

Extreme weather can bring all kinds of issues. Torrential rain will increase the likelihood of flooding, and your business is in danger if you are close to a major river or a floodplain. If your business is not prepared to be capable of handling extreme weather or flooding, then you could be facing huge potential losses.

An inflatable cofferdam is the ideal solution. It can be deployed easily and stored away when no longer needed. It can be used time and time again, whenever there’s the potential of a flooding hazard.


The third most common use for an inflatable cofferdam is dewatering. If an area does flood, then the areas affected will need to be dewatered as swiftly as possible. It is often not a case of simply waiting until flood water recedes of its own accord.

Again, the portability of an inflatable cofferdam is key in this situation. A cofferdam can easily be transported to where it is needed, then removed and returned once dewatering is concluded. A cofferdam is also ideal for providing a temporary solution while more permanent solutions are being constructed.

For all applications, a water-filled cofferdam is incredibly convenient as the means of inflation – water – is always already present!

If you need help with a project where the damming or diverting of water is required, then please consider the services of Dam-It-Dams. Our inflatable cofferdams are easy to transport, and easy to install. They are a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to your water intrusion needs. Contact Dam-It-Dams today at 810-695-1695 or use the online contact form that’s available on our website.

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