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How Much Do Inflatable Cofferdams Cost?

How Much Do Inflatable Cofferdams Cost?

When you are talking about the cost of an inflatable cofferdam, you may as well be asking how long is a piece of string? An inflatable cofferdam is a flexible, reusable tool that can be used in a number of different applications. When you are thinking about the cost of an inflatable cofferdam, you’d be much better off considering how cost effective an inflatable cofferdam actually is.

Why An Inflatable Cofferdam is Much More Cost Effective Than ‘Traditional’ Solutions

Let’s say you are a construction company tasked with the repair of a river bridge. As your technicians and engineers cannot work with water rushing all around them, you will need to construct a barrier to create a temporary area from which water is displaced.

Say you decide to go with a traditional solution, such as the construction of a steel barrier. This will mean that you may need to purchase the materials specifically for the construction, then transport the materials to the site. Then begins the difficult construction of the barrier itself.

Once the project is complete, you will need to remove the barrier so that water can flow freely again. You will also need to transport the barrier construction materials offsite, and store them for potential future use. Finally, you may need to repair any environmental damage that the barrier construction has caused.

With An Inflatable Cofferdam You Will be Able to Save Yourself Time and Money

Now let’s examine the same scenario using an inflatable cofferdam. Here, you transport the cofferdam to the location and place it into position. You then inflate the cofferdam using a resource that is already present. The cofferdam sinks into position and creates the water-free space.

Once the project is complete, you simply allow the water to escape the cofferdam until it is deflated. You then roll it up, transport it away and store it in preparation for its next use. It is unlikely that there is any environment damage.

When comparing these two solutions it’s clear that a water-filled cofferdam is the most cost-effective one.

If you need help with a water intrusion issue, or any application where water needs to be removed from and prevented from re-entering a site, then please consider the highly cost effective services of Dam-It-Dams. Our inflatable cofferdams are flexible, reusable and environmentally friendly.

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