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How Water Diversion Can Streamline Your Construction Project

How Water Diversion Can Streamline Your Construction Project

In an ideal world, every construction project would take place unhindered in a water-free environment. Frequently though, cutting off a source of water completely is just not possible, nor is removing static water completely from a construction site.

The alternative then is to divert the water elsewhere on a temporary basis, but this must be done properly and effectively. As water is usually moving unhindered from Point A to Point B, it will continue to want to move from Point A to Point B no matter how it is being diverted. If you get that diversion wrong, you could cause contamination issues, or cause excessive levels of sediment to enter the water that can cause numerous issues further on downstream.

When it comes to your choice of water diversion methods, it is important that you choose one that has repeatedly proven to be the most effective

A Water Filled Cofferdam is the Best Method for Water Diversion for a Construction Project

Countless construction projects have been completed successfully because they chose water inflated cofferdams to provide the solution to their water diversion needs. Water inflated cofferdams are sturdy, inflatable tubes that can easily be placed into position to create a sturdy barrier that water – no matter the quantity and the pressure generated – simply cannot penetrate.

They can be installed quickly, meaning that you do not have to pause or delay your project while water diversion is taking place. In addition, they are just as easy to remove meaning that your project is unlikely to expand beyond its allotted timeframe.

The versatility of water filled cofferdams means that no matter the scope of your need for them, they will deliver. For large-scale construction projects, several cofferdams can be fitted together using a proprietary connection collar system. This means that a cofferdam can be supplied at practically any length imaginable.

Finally, water inflated cofferdams are much kinder to the environment than alternatives such as sandbags wahich always become contaminated and then have to be disposed of appropriately. They also cause much less disruption to the local environment as a whole.

Your Go To Resource for Water Inflated Cofferdams are the Good People Here at Dam-It-Dams

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