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Inflatable Cofferdams in Arkansas

Inflatable Cofferdams in Arkansas

Inflatable Cofferdams in Arkansas

Whether it is for flooding prevention, ecological restoration, or construction on the water, a sound method of damming is an essential tool. However, choosing between constructing an earthen barrier, installing sandbags, or even crafting a custom concrete cofferdam can be overwhelming to find the most cost-effective and versatile way of stopping water intrusion for your home or business in Arkansas. Yet, you need not look any further than an inflatable cofferdam from Dam-It-Dams for the most eco-friendly and lowest-cost damming option for your next project.

Inflatable Cofferdams, The Ecological Choice for Arkansas Property Owners

How can we claim that inflatable cofferdams are the most eco-friendly choice? While sandbags and concrete barriers can leak potentially harmful debris or chemicals into a dammed water source, an inflatable cofferdam does not. Through their flexible geotextile material, a temporary cofferdam leaves nothing behind after use. They are superior to other traditional damming methods, like walled cofferdams and earthen barriers, as these other options require significant construction time and labor. In contrast, an inflatable cofferdam can be erected in as little as a few hours by a small crew of people.

Additionally, inflatable cofferdams are reusable, not requiring the manufacturing of additional materials for each use, as they can be deployed, packed up, and transported between Arkansas properties with relative ease. Finally, an inflatable cofferdam doesn’t require any materials other than the cofferdam itself. Temporary cofferdams create their barrier and gain weight from the water they are blocking or what is being pumped out of an area, making them self-sufficient and safe for wildlife.

How An Inflatable Cofferdam Saves You Money

Whether you invest in an outright purchase or make a one-off rental, an inflatable cofferdam is cheaper to produce than any other damming option. Moreover, for Arkansas construction projects and any case where permits are needed, the quick deployment and takedown of an inflatable cofferdam saves you on city fees and allows you to maintain a more accurate timetable for work that requires permits to slow or stop flowing waters.

What Kind Of Use Cases Does An Inflatable Cofferdam Have In Arkansas?

The Mississippi River runs along almost the entire Eastern border of Arkansas and is fed by hundreds of streams covering over 200,000 hectares of the state. These wetland and riverside conditions make for the perfect use case for inflatable cofferdams, which are best used when blocking a few inches of water up to depths of 10-12 feet, depending upon conditions. Moreover, many parts of Arkansas have been historically prone to flooding, which can devastate homes, businesses, and personal property, all of which can be protected by deploying an inflatable cofferdam. Some of the most common uses for temporary cofferdams include:

  • Bridge Repair And Construction
  • River Flooding Protection
  • Lake Flooding Control And Diversion
  • Construction On Or Near Waterways
  • Dredging Operations
  • Canal And Culvert Construction Or Repair
  • Dewatering Of Large Areas
  • Long Or Short Term Water Storage
  • Protection From Extreme Weather

In all these cases and more, an inflatable cofferdam is an invaluable tool that creates a safe and dry area for flooding protection or construction work. An inflatable cofferdam can cover an area as small as a stream, all the way up to spanning the entire width of a river and any size in between.

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