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Inflatable Cofferdams in North Carolina

Inflatable Cofferdams in North Carolina

Inflatable Cofferdams in North Carolina

Cofferdams are an essential and ancient tool used in construction and flooding protection worldwide. Like the winch that was slowly innovated upon to develop the crane, cofferdams have seen steady improvement over the centuries. Made of earthworks, rocks, cement, steel, and textile materials, they have seen hundreds of iterations. The inflatable cofferdam is the most advanced and versatile damming option available today. North Carolina residents and construction companies can use inflatable cofferdams for nearly any purpose when water intrusion comes into play. Join us below as we explore the power and versatility of contemporary cofferdams.

Construction Uses Of Inflatable Cofferdams In North Carolina

Nearly 45% of North Carolina is coastal, with over 37,000 miles of the state’s interior near the dozens of rivers that flow and feed the ample amounts of groundwater. Due to this, over 20% of the population lives near the water, which is a significant problem for construction in rural and urban areas. Major construction companies will often need cofferdams for large and small projects, making a versatile damming option necessary for work crews.

Traditional damming and cofferdam options provide safe working environments but are outdated and overly expensive in all but the deepest water construction projects. Inflatable cofferdams are vastly superior as they can be set up and taken down in a fraction of the time of other damming methods, leaving crews more time to work on projects rather than constructing and deconstructing semi-permanent and permanent dams. Some of the most common tasks that benefit from inflatable cofferdams over traditional or more complex damming options include:

  • Pipeline Repair and Installation
  • Shoreline Reconstruction
  • Bridge Construction and Repair
  • Boat Ramp Construction and Repair
  • Water Storage In Wetland Areas
  • Riverside Construction
  • Oceanside Construction
  • Dredging Operations
  • Pier Construction and Repair
  • Flooding Prevention and Restoration

Use Of Inflatable Cofferdams For Flooding Prevention

Construction companies and residents can benefit from an inflatable cofferdam to protect from flooding and powerful storms. With the rise of more and more hurricanes battering the East Coast each year, protecting your property and projects from floodwaters has never been more critical. Inflatable cofferdams may seem counterintuitive as they have ‘inflatable’ in the title, but thanks to their weight when inflated and relative ease of setup, they can be rolled out in a few hours in response to changing weather conditions and have the durability to stand up to all but the most brutal of punishment.

While no anti-flooding project comes without risk, inflatable cofferdams can mitigate and provide the most ecologically friendly option for protecting you from water intrusion and floodwaters. Unlike sandbags, temporary cofferdams do not have the potential for harmful chemicals to enter the waterways. Furthermore, due to the lack of drilling and major construction needed for inflatable cofferdams, their impact on sediment is minimal and can provide the protection you need without the ecological cost.

Fulfill All Your Dewatering And Flooding Protection Needs With Inflatable Cofferdams From Dam-It-Dams

Portable cofferdams are the most versatile and durable damming option for construction and flooding protection. Dam-It-Dams are your local experts for inflatable cofferdams. With years of experience, we are here to provide you with the highest-quality service no matter your damming needs. Check out our blog for more information on the many uses and guides for the best practices in utilizing your inflatable cofferdam. We have several sizes of cofferdams available for rent or purchase. Schedule your free consultation today by calling us at 810-695-1695.

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