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Inflatable Cofferdams in Maryland

Inflatable Cofferdams in Maryland

Inflatable Cofferdams in Maryland

Despite its relatively small land area, nearly 3,000 miles of Maryland is coastline, with almost 75% of the population living on or near the coast. Moreover, Maryland is occasionally flooded by several sources, including hurricanes, high seasonal rainfall, and overflowing rivers. Therefore, construction companies and personal property owners can benefit from purchasing or renting an inflatable cofferdam. Do you need to become more familiar with inflatable cofferdams and their uses? Or are you looking for a reliable company to purchase from? Please read below to learn about Dam-It-Dams and our endlessly versatile inflatable cofferdams.

What To Expect From An Inflatable Cofferdam And How They Work

Inflatable cofferdams are some of the most flexible damming options for flood protection, construction, and many other applications on and around Maryland properties. The temporary dams constructed by Dam-It-Dams are built from a flexible puncture-resistant geotextile material and can withstand thousands of pounds of pressure. Despite appearing as a single inflatable piece, the internals of an inflatable cofferdam are filled with pressure-managed baffling, which helps to distribute the water for inflation across the entire surface area. This construction makes the cofferdam incredibly stable and heavy, able to withstand hurricane-force winds and storm surges.

When considering a cofferdam in Maryland, you should be aware of several factors and size limitations. Inflatable cofferdams are perfect for coastal, river, or lakeside construction as they can block waters from just a few inches deep all the way to twelve feet in depth. However, they are more extensive in terms of surface area. From a small pond to spanning an entire river, an inflatable cofferdam can cover large areas of water, interconnecting with one another to create a flexible barrier that can be tailored to any size area, providing a safe and dry environment on the other side.

Finally, inflatable cofferdams in Maryland are the most ecologically friendly damming option available today. With a quick setup and takedown time, an inflatable cofferdam blocks water for the least amount of time possible, impacting wetlands or rivers for less time than traditional methods. Furthermore, an inflatable cofferdam does not come with the same chemical or debris dangers as sandbags and concrete, as every part of the inflatable cofferdam is installed and removed after use; it leaves nothing behind. The reusability of an inflatable cofferdam doubles down on all of these ecologically friendly options. An inflatable cofferdam can be repeatedly installed and repackaged within a few hours and redeployed at another location, all with only a team of as little as three to six workers.

What Types Of Maryland Projects Can Benefit From Inflatable Cofferdams?

Inflatable cofferdams are most commonly used for construction projects. But what are the most common construction jobs that can benefit from them over other damming methods?

  • Bridge Construction And Repair
  • Dredging
  • Canal Construction And Repair
  • Pipeline Installation And Repair
  • Boat Ramp Construction
  • Creation Of Temporary River Crossings
  • Containment Of Water Onsite Or Off Site
  • Water Retention
  • Flooding Control
  • Wetlands Preservation
  • Coastline Restoration And Protection
  • Environmental Protection
  • Snow Melt Protection And Control

Dam-It-Dams Is Your Home For Inflatable Cofferdams

Dam-It-Dams was started in 2000 by Jack Nichols of Grand Blanc, Michigan, after 30 successful years in the construction industry. We offer cost-effective, versatile, and sturdy damming options for construction companies and personal property owners to help prevent water intrusion on your site or around your home. For a free quote and to get the most from your cofferdam, call us today at 810-695-1695.

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