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Inflatable Cofferdams in Georgia

Inflatable Cofferdams in Georgia

Inflatable Cofferdams in Georgia

Inflatable cofferdams are a temporary damming option necessary in coastal states such as Georgia. They have many versatile uses while providing a safe location for construction workers and flood prevention. Read on below to learn more about the benefits of cofferdams and how renting or purchasing one can serve you.

Cofferdams For Construction Projects in Georgia

Construction is an involved process, even without the complication of water added to the mix. Inflatable cofferdams can be the solution for maintaining a safe working environment when working on or near a body of water or river. Some of the best construction uses for a temporary cofferdam include:

  • Bridge Repair And Construction: Allows for construction repairs to be conducted in the river or lakebed they are spanning without using overhanging or complex equipment.
  • Boat Ramp Construction: The portability of an inflatable cofferdam allows you to position it wherever you need for boat ramps without affecting the lakeside, coast, or riverbanks.
  • Canal And Culvert Construction: Canals are intended to channel water, and thus, when constructing them, you are inevitably going to encounter a water source. Inflatable cofferdams help by providing a temporary barrier that can then be removed and allow the free flow of water along the canal once it is complete.
  • Dredging Operations: Debris removal can be next to impossible in unclear and deep waters. Inflatable cofferdams assist by lowering, stabilizing, or removing the water to allow for the removal of debris and sediment.
  • Installation And Repair Of Submerged Pipelines
  • Repair And Maintenance Of Water Parks
  • Shoreline Restoration

There are innumerable uses for a temporary cofferdam, including nearly any construction project that involves water. To learn all the benefits of inflatable cofferdams, you can learn more with a free consultation from Dam-It-Dams.

Inflatable Cofferdams For Flooding Prevention

Georgia is one of several Eastern states that still suffers from severe weather and, most commonly, is a target for hurricanes. With the growing severity of storms in North America year-over-year, the threat of flooding for construction sites and personal property has never been more dire. Inflatable cofferdams offer a relief option in the fight against flooding thanks to their portability, ease of setup, and takedown.

While sandbags or earthen levies are the traditional method to prevent flooding, they are dangerous and take a long time to construct. When a storm is rolling in, you want to be quick with your flood prevention options, and there is nothing better than an inflatable cofferdam. They can be set up in just a few hours and protect an area from upwards of twelve feet of stormwater. Furthermore, thanks to a cofferdam’s heavyweight and strap-down options, they are unlikely to shift and can be erected and left up for as long as you need to clear out storm debris and floodwaters.

Cofferdams For Ecological Restoration

Each year, we lose more of our Georgia shores to erosion, and there has never been a greater need for restoration efforts. You can do no better to break the tides than with an inflatable cofferdam from Dam-It-Dams. They are the most eco-friendly damming option available. Thanks to the minor displacement of sediment paired with the quick turnaround, a temporary cofferdam can be used over and over in several locations while assisting in planting shoreline plants and transportation of sand for shoreline restoration.

Learn More About Inflatable Cofferdams in Georgia From Dam-It-Dams

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