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Inflatable Cofferdams in Louisiana

Inflatable Cofferdams in Louisiana

Inflatable Cofferdams in Louisiana

Inflatable cofferdams are temporary barriers that can be used in regular construction projects or flooding emergencies to divert, store, dam, or dewater a large area. They can function in waters as shallow as a few inches to over ten feet in depth. They are constructed from a revolutionary, durable geotextile material that is puncture and corrosion-resistant. But what are their specific uses, and how can Louisiana residents get the most out of an inflatable cofferdam?

Use In Flooding Prevention

Flooding is a significant and dangerous threat to areas all across the state of Louisiana as the state sits at the southernmost part of the Mississippi River and acts as one of the largest river drainage basins in the nation. With the addition of the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana is uniquely positioned to receive flooding from the north and the south of the state, even in regions furthest from the major waterways. Therefore, inflatable cofferdams can be an essential tool for construction companies and regular residents.

Their small footprint makes inflatable cofferdams less damaging than permanent options, and there is little to no specialized training needed to erect a flooding barrier, allowing for rapid response and flooding protection in as little as a few hours rather than the days or weeks of earthwork and sandbag options. Furthermore, thanks to their temporary nature, an inflatable cofferdam from Dam-It-Dams can be removed equally as quickly as it is set up, providing a quick return to normalcy when the storm passes.

Construction Applications for Inflatable Cofferdams in Louisiana

There is a wide range of construction application uses for cofferdams, and they are only limited by the availability of water and depth. Some of the most common construction uses for an inflatable cofferdam from Dam-It-Dams include the following:

  • Bridge Construction and Repair: Several methods exist for bridge construction and repair. However, they all can come with considerable risk, most common among them when the need arises to work under a bridge. Inflatable cofferdams are an excellent replacement for overhanging bridge equipment. Going up from a stable position is much safer than hanging out over open air and rushing waters.
  • Canal and Culvert Construction: By their very nature, canals require working in a wet environment. However, when excavating, the same water you want to transport can become inconvenient or dangerous. Inflatable cofferdams allow you to retain the water from a lake or river until construction is complete, then be removed quickly with minimal downtime on the newly constructed or repaired canal.
  • Pipeline Construction: Laying pipe comes with many problems, not the least being water intrusion. Underwater pipelines are an essential part of our modern infrastructure system, and an inflatable cofferdam can help provide a dry environment for repair or initial installation, with minimal intrusion after work is complete.

Inflatable Cofferdams Provide An Eco-Friendly Option

If you want to minimize the ecological impact of your construction project or flood prevention, there is nothing better than an inflatable cofferdam. A cofferdam leaves a minimal footprint thanks to its simple design and ability to sit atop the sediment. It does not require any drilling, with the only intrusion being the temporary anchors that tie down the portable dam. Furthermore, without harmful chemicals and construction, inflatable cofferdams can be placed in watershed areas without fear of contamination.

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