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Inflatable Cofferdams in Texas

Inflatable Cofferdams in Texas

Inflatable Cofferdams in Texas

Inflatable cofferdams are one of the most versatile flood prevention, ecologically friendly construction tools available on the market. A temporary cofferdam from Dam-It-Dams is an essential revolutionary product for intrusive water situations. Learn about inflatable cofferdams and how they are perfect for Texas residents or construction crews.

What Is An Inflatable Cofferdam?

Inflatable, or temporary, cofferdams are a removable damming option that creates a waterproof barrier to create a dry construction area or prevent flooding. They are composed of a flexible geotextile material that uses a series of internal baffles to inflate via pumped-in water. You can use these portable cofferdams in water as shallow as a few inches; larger configurations can go to depths of ten feet or more. They are incredibly durable, puncture-resistant, and stable when inflated. An inflatable cofferdam can be interconnected with others of the same size to create a dry spot over a wide area or to surround an entire property when the threat of flooding arises.

Benefits Of An Inflatable Cofferdam Over Other Damming Options

There are dozens of benefits of an inflatable cofferdam, including the following:

  • Environmentally Friendly: Inflatable cofferdams are EPA Safe-Water Act-compliant, making them the superior option for working where waters are protected, such as watersheds and delicate environments.
  • Portable And Reusable: When transporting or storing an inflatable cofferdam, it is very lightweight, compared to other damming materials, and can be moved around to various worksites with relative ease.
  • Quick Setup And Takedown: A crew as small as three people, up to six for larger dams, can set up and take down an inflatable cofferdam in Texas. Furthermore, temporary cofferdams only take a few hours to inflate, depending upon the power of your pumps and water availability.
  • Strong And Puncture Resistant: As stated above, inflatable cofferdams are puncture resistant. However, you will still want to clear out any large and jagged rocks in sediment beneath where you want to set up your cofferdam. Not only will this save it from potential punctures, but it will also help create a watertight seal.
  • An Investment For The Future: An inflatable cofferdam can save you thousands in flooding repairs and help protect your crew. Furthermore, when you purchase a portable cofferdam, it can last for years so long as it is stored and appropriately deployed.

Inflatable Cofferdam Uses For Construction In Texas

Whether you are concerned with coastal, lake, or river water intrusion for your next construction project, an inflatable cofferdam is essential. A temporary cofferdam from Dam-It-Dams takes far less time to erect and take down than any other damming option, saving you time and money that can be spent on other projects. Some types of construction projects that can benefit the most from an inflatable cofferdam include bridge repair and construction, canal construction, boat ramp repair and construction, and dredging operations.

Inflatable Cofferdams To Combat Flooding in Texas

Severe weather is rising in the southern United States, and Texas is one of the most vulnerable states to flooding, especially in the Gulf Coast area. Traditional damming methods, like sandbags and earthen levies, have a sketchy record at best, as they tend to break and overflow. An inflatable cofferdam can protect your home or property by creating a watertight seal that grows heavier the more water is used to inflate it.

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